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Great team work with the associates. I enjoy working for the company as a whole. I have had great experiences with members and associates over the years and different locations. The recent management shuffle and store closings has impacted morale for those that have transferred to viable clubs. It is a typical retail environment that pioneers new concepts and technology. Health insurance, vision insurance, k, stock options, paid time off. Decent place to work. In my experience the pay raises associated with going from associate to team lead was not worth it.

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Sam's does a great job of paying associates not so much in paying the team leads though. Work that will help you grow.

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Lower than average pay for most positions, well rounded leadership, engaged employee culture, professional setting, culture of learning and spreading knowledge to others. Experience in building teams and empowering others It has been a life and carrer goal to give the best possible customer services possible. Great place to work, Leadership was good at store level.

Corporate always has the catch you doing something wrong mentality. The company has gotten to big for corporate leadership to really know what goes on in the stores. Overall, still a good company that does everything they can to hit numbers for the financial world.

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Not for part time people going to school, managers care more about store ranking than schedule flexibility. I chose to quit after being told to stay after store hours during finals week simply because there was going to be a "store walk" by some big wigs the following morning. Busy; good work environment the only issue of working at the big box is the noise level. Would recommend working at Sams Club, great opportunity for young fast paced personalty,can advance. The advantage for working for a large corporation at Sams Club was you could change jobs,roles and hats without leaving the Company.

The best part of my job was working and learning every aspect of the Club. I met so many wonderful customers that developed into friendships.. Lots of of good talented associates that work there. Fast paced customer driven business. I worked with several great employees. Would it be a conflict of interest to date the supplier? If the supplier does begin calling on your area, you should disclose the relationship to your management team and work with them to resolve the conflict.

Does Walmart have any guidelines regarding having a lunch meeting with a supplier or potential supplier? If there is a legitimate business need for meeting with the supplier or potential supplier, you may join them for lunch or dinner meetings as long you pay for your food and beverages for yourself.

If you meet one supplier or potential supplier for lunch or dinner, then you would also need to be open to meeting other suppliers or potential suppliers for lunch or dinner. The supplier has an open spot on one of its teams and my friend asked me to fill in. I have no interaction with the supplier in my role at Walmart. Can the supplier pay my entry fee? As a Walmart associate, your business relationships with your suppliers should be based on objective and fair criteria. In order to remain objective and fair, it is a best practice to avoid social interactions with your suppliers.

The success of our company is built on the trust and respect of our associates, customers, members and suppliers. We also take steps to prevent unauthorized access of confidential and private information. Should I take the information? A co-worker of mine has recently given her resignation. As Walmart associates, we have a responsibility to protect private and confidential information. The specific supplier information she obtained through her position at Walmart is considered confidential company information and should not be used for her personal business.

If you notice an issue like this, you should contact your manager, HR manager or Global Ethics. Private and confidential business information may not be shared at supplier advisory board events. Trade secrets, such as systems, processes, products, business procedures and technology that give us a competitive edge and have made us a retail leader are considered private data. Supplier advisory boards could bring you together with some of our competitors. You should not have discussions with competitors about specific product pricing or availability. Agreements between competitors to fix prices or agreements not to compete in certain markets or businesses are illegal.

Is there information available on your office and the work you do? How do I request retail link access? Thank you for contacting Global Ethics. Please carefully read the sections below for information on requesting retail link access.

Global Ethics will review your Retail Link Access request to ensure a conflict of interest does not exist based on your current responsibilities with a Walmart supplier and your past position at Walmart. Never employed by Walmart: Stakeholders include our associates, customers, shareholders, suppliers, and other companies and individuals with whom we do business.

We serve as a guide and resource for ethical decision-making. We provide a confidential reporting system for violations of our Statement of Ethics and oversee any resulting investigations of those violations. Our office leads a continuing communication and education program for our associates to foster and sustain our ethical culture. No, our Open Door Policy is the most direct way for any associate to voice any concern or issue.

Global Ethics provides an alternative, confidential resource for answering questions or reporting a suspected ethics violation. What is the difference between an Open Door issue and an ethics issue? The Open Door is available to raise both ethics and non-ethics related issues. An ethics issue is one that pertains to our Statement of Ethics. You can contact Global Ethics to ask for advice insert form link or submit a concern insert form link through the following channels: Are contacts with Global Ethics confidential and anonymous?

Yes, all contacts with Global Ethics are confidential, meaning your contact will be kept private by Walmart. Information about your contact will be shared on a need-to-know basis in order to investigate your concern. Confidential contacts can be made by visiting walmartethics. To remain anonymous, meaning our office will receive no identifying information about you, you can submit a concern using the submission form on walmartethics. Remember that emails and direct calls to our office show your contact information so if you wish to remain anonymous, use the channels listed above.

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We encourage all of our stakeholders to contact Global Ethics with questions or to voice their ethics concerns. The Global Ethics Helpline is available to associates around the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is equipped to handle most local languages. The helpline is staffed by an organization not affiliated with Walmart, and to the extent possible and in conformity with local regulations , callers may not have to give their name. In all cases, associate privacy will be respected to the fullest extent possible under the law.